Spectacular Bathroom Designs in Copper

London interior design - copper bathsNew and fabulous, the drop-in copper Piscina tub from Diamond is what could make your next bubble bath extremely enjoyable. And since we recently received photos of this beautiful tub, we wanted to share with you the inspiration, materials and design work associated with this luxurious item. Inspired by French Country style, Diamond’s new Piscina Drop-In tub features a hand-distressed, dark patina finish. Crafted of recycled copper, the tub is an environmentally sound choice. The copper sheet used in the fabrication is produced from 90% to 95% recycled copper. In addition, the copper vessel shells are 100% recyclable. Expert engineering, impeccable quality and insightful vision have once again converged to create the pinnacle of luxury.

Measuring 42″ x 72″ x 24″, the Piscina Drop-In Tub is fabricated from recycled sheet metal and 100% recyclable and we couldn’t stress that enough. Specializing in custom bath fixtures, stainless steel spas, copper spas, custom spas, cold plunge pools, swim spas, water features, stainless steel baths, copper baths, custom baths, Japanese baths, whirlpool baths, shower pans and lavatories, EDL have proved their talent for interior design and bathroom design and with this unique design featured on the Piscina Drop-In Tub you’ll be seeing this feature making an appearance a lot more often in our developments. Contact us today and take advantage of our knowledge and flair.

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