For London Homes Renovation Is The Answer

London building renovation is the answerHouses in West London selling in days? Prices on the up? The family homes market booming? International buyers buying houses in Kensington without seeing them? What’s happened to the London property market? The summer months are normally quiet, but this year has seen the busiest buying spree for years. In times of global recession it’s hard to explain. International buyers bring £3.7 billion of equity a year with them and aim straight at the luxury property market. Nearly 30% of buyers have been from abroad and astonishingly have bought over 40% of the value to the property market. The wealthy London West End is a global village where buyers from China, Singapore, South Asia and the Middle East are snapping up property and also targeting Hampstead, Islington and Westminster.

Some experts predict house price increase of between 5 per cent and 6.5 per cent over the next couple of years, with an overall increase by the end of 2015 of 34.4 per cent. UK buyers have responded in their own unique style. This year’s trend is that moves to the country have dropped substantially as families decide to renovate, extend sideways, into the loft or dig out the basement. The equity that is now staying in the capital drives up prices again even leading to a new category in the property market dubbed as the Prime Family. It makes perfect sense to stay put and build up, down and outwards where you can and benefit greatly in the not-to-distant future. Enterprising Developments are here to help. Why not call the experts and talk through your ideas, we will listen and advise based on years of experience of the unique London property market. The possibilities are endless! Contact London’s property renovation experts, EDL today.